Back Seat Accident

“Hurry up Nena”, I called exasperatedly up the stairs.

“I am coming, I am coming,” was my answer.

We had just finished first place the week before in all our events for our swim team. As part of the celebration the coach had set up an unofficial get together at the water park. I mean unofficial only because the school was not going to be paying for it. Instead our coach set it up for us. Now I know that might seem strange to win in diving and then go celebrate with swimming but we were young and just loved swimming. Besides this was for fun no laps, critiquing form, or anything like that. The plan was to met at the school then our coach Mrs. Roberts and her husband would be taking the whole team in their car and van to the park. At least that was the plan if my sister Nena would hurry up.

Nena was my little sister and youngest in her class but do not let her age fool you she was really smart and an excellent diver. Nena was part of the reason we had done so well after all. Top that all off if she was not my sister I would have described has adorable and I was not the only one who thought that. Though she had never been on a date she had been asked out by many. Including my best friend Jack. She had declined all these invitations politely as possibly. Jack also let me know after he had been turned down that she had made it clear she wanted to date but was just not ready for it.

“Finally”, I said as Nena came bouncing down the stairs.

“Oh, you fuss too much. We will probably be the first ones there any way”, she said as we went out to the car.

Mother drove us to the school and just as Nena had said we were the first ones there. Well other then Mrs. and Mr. Roberts.

In about thirty minutes the rest of the team had shown up along with my buddy Jack and we were on our way. It felt a bit crowed. There was ten of us plus Mr. and Mrs. Roberts making twelve which was just enough to fit in the seven seat van and five seat car.

Once on the road Jack began showing me his newest Pokemon deck. Some how I think he was even trying to impress my sister. I am not sure he realized that was not something that would have ever impressed her. I had dabbled with Pokemon cards but nothing like Jack. As he was explaining some new special card, I honestly could only remember it was yellow, I tried my best to follow along. About that time we came to every ones favorite part of the road. There were multiple little hills spaced out far enough that if you went fast enough it was like a roller coaster. You went up one and down the other and you would get butterflies. Every one always liked this as a child and still enjoyed it now. It was one of those places cops liked to hang out and catch teenagers speeding because of it.

Only other thing worth point out along the rather eventful trip was the road consturction. I thought there would be delays because of it. Luckily not however; there was one orange sign placed that said “Bump” and they were not kidding. Jack still going on about his Pokemon had been about to put them up when we hit the bump and he dropped the deck and they went all over the place. I must admit I found it hilarious seeing the deck go flying. None laughed harder then Jessica. Despite her laughter she was kind and helped pick them up. She was prone to giggling, always had been. One of the cutest things about her was her laughing which I liked a lot, and her smile, and her kindness, and her cute face, and well I had a crush on her.

We finally arrived and check in. We all got a locker to put our stuff in as usual and we all got into our swim suits. Today would be a bit different for us. As we were not training or at an event we did not have to wear our uniform swim suits. That was why today I was wearing red swim briefs. They fit differently then my normal full body suit but I had a nice swimmer’s body I did not mind showing off. As expected no one else was wearing their usual swim wear either. The rest of the guys were wearing jammers or trunks but the girls were wearing some fine suits. They were all wearing two piece suits including my sister. Nothing too reveling no bikinis or anything but they were looking good. Most of the time I could control my little man because of the tight suit I typically wore and the more modest dress of the girls. I figured it would be pretty much the same here and for the most part it was. Despite the sexy outfits on the girls I managed to contain myself rather easily. Until Mrs. Roberts showed up. When she came out I think all of the guys were taken by surprise. It was no secret that she was one of the hottest teachers in the school and we had all seen her swim suit during practice but today was not practice. For today she had on one of the smallest red string bikini’s I had ever seen. I had to look away and take a deep breath or every one would know what I was thinking. Once I had regained some sense of control I looked again and damn she was hot.

I would have kept staring but I did not dare sport a tent in front of everyone here. To distract myself I went straight to the water slide. I was not the only one headed there. I saw Jessica head that way as well. As I said I had a crush on her but had never asked her out. Maybe I was just turned on but my confidence was up and in that moment when I saw her I decided I would ask her out. Well not just yet but hopefully by the end of the day.

She was beautiful and today she was showing just how pretty she was. She wore a two piece modest green suit with silver trim which did a great job of highlighting her smooth long legs and plump breasts. I was feeling confident and I made a point of letting her know.

“Well that looks nice”, I said. No I am not the greatest for making complements I admit but, I have found you do not need to make great ones to start a conversation.

“Why thank you. What is that you are wearing?”, she giggled.

“Oh this old thing? Why it is only for special occasions and only special people get to see it,” I replied.

She laughed, “it is pretty special alright.”

From there we hit it off pretty well and ended up spending most of the day together. In retrospect it was my own fault. My recommendation for anyone going in a tight fitting swimsuit is to rub one out before hand. It makes it a lot easier to control. Near the end we wound up in a silly game. It was basically just a water fight where anything goes. I ended up brushing one of Jessica’s tits while trying to dunk her. It was of course an accident the first time. I am not so sure about the second and the rest I know were not. The thing is she did not seem to mind. In fact I had the feeling she was enjoying it when she started exposing herself to it and even started grabbing at me. I am not sure where it would have ended if we were the only ones there. Unfortunately it came to an end when she surfaced after diving under to evade me and started swimming away giggling.

“What is so funny?”, I inquired.

“I think I am getting out for now before I have a wardrobe malfunction too,” she said with a wink.

I looked down and saw my erection poking out the side of my briefs. I was mortified and tried to correct it but it would not fit back inside. I spent the next few minutes trying to keep covered while my second head calmed down enough to cover up. Not a moment too soon either. The instant I had it tucked away Mrs. Robbins showed up in her bikini, almost making it spring out again, and called it a day and to start packing up.

Since the trip was not a very long one after a brief shower to rinse off we gathered at the cars, most of us myself included still wearing our swim suits. I had put my shirt on but a few towels on the seat was all we needed and we were ready to go. As the last of us got in and we were about to leave when disaster struck. Mrs. Robert’s van would not start.

Found out later that the starter died although that did not help at the time. We now had only one car and eleven people to get home. Since it seemed the van would have to be towed the only way home was to either somehow get rides which would take at least 30 minutes just to arrive if they were available at all or to pile up in the car. We decided that the trip would be short enough, although crowded, it would be simpler to just pile in. Mr. Roberts was the only one who stayed as he would need to wait for the tow truck meaning there were eleven of us for a car meant for five.

As for the rest of us saying it was very crowded would be an understatement. Pilling into that car would be a trick any circus clown would have been proud of. Mrs. Roberts was up front along with two others on the front passenger seat since it was a clutch we could not fit any one else up front. This meant that there were eight people in the back seat. Three on each end and two in the middle again to give the clutch some room. I was on the bottom of the three behind the driver with my sister on top of me and Jessica on top of her. Since Mrs. Roberts needed room to drive she could not move her seat forward all that much making my spot easily the most crowed part of the car. We probably should have thought the seating arrangement out better. I know for sure if we had what happened that trip home would never have happened.

As we started off things began to shift around as every one got into the most comfortable position they could given the circumstances. It was not thirty seconds after we started moving, even before leaving the parking lot, that I felt my sister’s tight little ass start to rub my crotch. It could hardly be helped of course but there I was trying to prevent myself from getting a hard on like earlier and then to have my crotch rubbed by my little sister’s butt. I took a deep breath and figured it would not last long after all we were just settling in for the ride home. Nope, little by little I was getting harder and I could not even adjust myself as I said it was crowded, I could not even move my arms and they were not in a position to help. As I felt my cock get harder and harder I felt were it was going.

Shit, I thought to myself. If I got any more aroused here my penis was going to be exiting my swim briefs again. Slightly panicked now I pushed with my feet and my hips the best I could to get my hips out from under my sister as much as possible. This gave me only about two finger’s width more room which actually turned out to be a bad thing. This gave my cock more room to get out and it did. It was completely out of my swim briefs although not fully erect yet. Mean while every one else noticed the extra room I had created and had no problem taking it for themselves. My sister was pushed back against my free cock. I am pretty sure this is when she first noticed something was wrong as she let out little, “huh”? As bad as it was at this point things would have just been awkward from here to the end of the trip. My cock was almost completely erect but was pined between my left leg and my sister’s left butt check and it would have stayed there I bet but here both my sister and I made a mistake.

“Sis”, I whispered into her ear. “Can I get some more room? I have a, uhh, slight problem.”

“I noticed”, she said thoroughly disgusted. I could not blame her for being upset but she gave ground as best she could. It was just enough for my cock to slip out from between her check and my leg to between her checks.

“Fuck”, I said much louder then I had meant.

“What’s wrong?”, answered Mrs. Roberts.

“Oh, nothing its just I think I am pinching a nerve and could use some more room”, I lied quickly. That should help right?

“Oh I am sorry. Give him a bit more room if you can please?”, she asked the group. Immediately we got the little room both my sister and I were desperate for but it was too late and did not really help. Now fully erect my cock had caught on the cloth of my sister’s swimsuit and the tip of my cock began to ever so slightly rub the side of her pussy. Unbelievable here I was in the back seat of an over crowed car with my own cock rubbing up against the pussy of my little sister with my swim team right next to me.

“I am so sorry, I am so sorry, I am so sorry…”, I kept saying in a repeated whisper to my sister.

“You are so dead”, was her reply. I could hear the anger in her voice but I also heard the fear and the panic there too.

This lasted maybe another minute all the while the movement provided form the road moved me up and down the slit to my sister’s pussy and little by little moved the fabric of her swimsuit to the side giving more access then a brother should ever have to his little sister’s clit.

Then we hit a stop light. Holy hell that was enough to move the fabric of her swimsuit completely out of the way. I even managed to probe her pussy and half of the head went in. Yep I was completely lined up with her tight little pussy and there was nothing either of us could do to stop what we each knew was going to happen sooner or later. At this point I was desperately fighting my self to keep from just ramming my self in her and just start fucking her but I was determined to keep my self from doing that for as long as possible. After all I was still quite aware how taboo it would be for me to have sex with my sister. It would be wrong, it be in public, it would be without consent, it would be right now.


That same bump that had knocked Jack’s Pokemon cards to the floor on the way down to the pool park now knocked my cock all the way up my sister’s silk smooth pussy. What happened then? Well I came of course. I had been edging on horny all day and had not even relived my self in over a week. Remember my advice about rubbing one out before wearing tight fitting swim suits. I am pretty sure that would have helped here too but as it was I could not help my self. I let out the biggest load of cum I can remember right into my dear little sister’s tender womb. Jet after jet balls deep, the whole thing went in and went on and on. I was lost for words and the look on my face would have been priceless I am sure, wide eyes moth a gap in horror and pleasure. I did see my sister’s though and that is with me to this day. Her eyes were tightly shut and her face was crunched up in pain not physical pain but emotional pain. I saw the tears she was trying to hold back and the look of utter defeat and dismay.

“What did you do?” her voice cracked in a whisper.

No one heard, no one knew. They were all busy talking and had not noticed anything amiss. They were still going on about the bump some one was shouting about hitting their head on the ceiling I could careless who. I had no answer for Nena.

“Oh my god Nena. I. I. I. I didn’t mean to,” I stammered.

It was not over yet though. This was only the 10 minute mark of our 30 minute ride. I was still sold even after letting the biggest load of cum in my life into my sister. Nena, still holding back tears sat on my cock for a moment before trying to lift herself off of my steel rod. She pushed as much as she could and I even tried to help her by pressing my self into the back of the seat as much as possible. We got very close if only we could have managed another centimeter. The head of my cock was out for the most part it was merely parting her sweet pussy lips at this point but not enough to throw off the aim. This was another mistake of ours although, it might not have mattered much. Since my cock had not completely dislodged itself it did a great job plugging Nena’s pussy, nothing leaked out. The problem with this, if we had just stayed balls deep after I came in her we could have possibly finished the ride with nothing else happening but, since we had attempted to dislodge ourselves this let all my cum flow down her vaginal walls fully lubricating her. Although I had gone in nearly dry, except what ever water we had from the pool, from here on it would be a smooth ride.

This all happened within a few seconds but there was a lot going on. After Nena had attempted to pull her self off of me and, we had come so close, she was pushed. After all when over crowded, people do not simply let others push them around. They tend to push back and back down my rod she went. I know she was frustrated but this was not going to stop her. She tried again and did not even get off the head of my cock the second time before getting pushed back down. She tried a third time and by the fourth time it was clear she was losing ground. Every time she tried she made less progress then the time before. On her fifth attempt she only got about three fourths the way off and by the sixth attempt she must have realized what she was doing and what was happening. She was now fucking me unintentionally while trying to get her self free. Once she realized this she froze and tensed every muscle in her body in attempt to stop any movement. Oh, she was angry she would have to ride this out with my cock fully impaling her until I went limp or else she would end up fucking me in a vain effort to get free. Nena had decided on riding it out.

“You fucking bastard”, Nena whispered venomously, “you are so dead”.

“Not my fault,” I pleaded “how could I have known?”

“You did not even try to get out of me.”

“Yes I did”. This was true I had tried to get out of her although I do admit I might not have tried as hard as she had except on that first attempt and I had stop trying to help altogether by the third one once I knew it was not going to work. She had been the one who kept trying and now she was sitting on my cock squeezing it as hard as she could with her pussy just to keep it from moving. I was still at full erection but the unintended fucking and the squeezing of her pussy were doing nothing for calming me. In fact I started to feel myself building up again as the drive continued. Despite her best efforts we still had grinding and a bit of up and down movement just from the crowded car and the road. After several minutes Nena was getting tired and her vice grip started to slip for moments and then we would have all kinds of movement. Although small I am sure when you are trying not to move at all even the smallest movements feel huge. In these momentary lapses in grip I would get spikes in pleasure and panic. I was building up again and was going to cum in her again. The second time would be worse because this one would be driven completely by fucking my sister not an accident.

It must have been during one of these lapses in my sister’s grip when she started getting pleasure too. Although not intended on her part either. She fought with herself to keep from cumming as well. She tried to hold us locked in place as best she could but just could not keep the pressure up long enough to stave off the inevitable. Then we hit the hills.

We did not see them coming and honestly we had both forgotten about them with our minds on trying not to cum into each other and all. The first hill when we it hit gave every one in the car a surprise except for the ones up front who saw it coming. For Nena and I though it was a whole different experience. Have you ever had butterfly’s in your stomach when having sex? Probably not but I will tell you it is amazing and terrifying. That first hill gave us two full length strokes we could not have stopped even if we wanted to. I know this because we did try stopping the strokes. My sister tensed up again and I tried to press my self into the seat. It did not help. It was pure pleasure for both of us although neither of us wanted it. The second hill was not a surprise but felt even better then the first. We were now fully fucking because of these hills of joy. There was no stopping it, up and down. I was getting dangerously close to cumming and there would be no chance of stopping it. Nena it turns out was in the same situation. She had been fighting back her orgasm for a few minutes and these hills were too much. I was about to cum for the second time in my sister’s tender womb and I did not know if I should warn her or not. Would it make any difference if she knew I was going to cum or not? After all either way I was not going to be able to stop it. I decided against it figuring she would be too angry. Better to just ride it out. On our last hill I could not hold back any longer and exploded into Nena’s pussy for the second time in the last 30 minutes. I am not sure if my second eruption into my sister is what put her over the edge or if she just could not hold back any longer either but she came right after me. I know she had an orgasm and a powerful one because of how she was shacking. While I was pumping wave after wave of cum into her juicy womb I felt her vaginal walls clamp down and start trembling meanwhile her whole body was shivering. I was not the only one who noticed her reaction.

“Are you alright there Nena?” inquired Jessica.

“Oh, I am fine,” Nena breathed “just a sudden cold spell I’ll be fine”.

“Oh, alright, well we are nearly to your place. You two are going to be the first ones out you know,” Jessica replied.

I had forgotten about that. We would be the first ones out because of our location in town. They would simply drop us off at the house. No need to go back to the school since this route would go right by our house. I am not sure if Nena was concerned or not. She did not seem to care about anything at the time and was still riding out her orgasm. Although her body had stop shivering her virgin would still have tremors every few seconds. There was some good news at this point at least. My cock had finally started to calm down slowly growing limp. Although my cock never left Nena’s pussy until we arrived home, it was fully flaccid once we did. I am not sure why but after her orgasm and once I had gone limp, Nena was either too tired, felt too defeated, saw no point in it, or maybe some of all of the above but, she did not try to get off my cock once after her orgasm.

Once we arrived Jessica opened the door and hopped out only too eager to stretch. Nena kept her legs together as much as possible and covered her crotch as discreetly as she could with out drawing attention as she pivoted on my flaccid cock that was still lodged in her pussy. She got up slowly and now that my hands were free I was ready and was able to stuff my cock into my swim briefs without anyone seeing a thing. It was probably just as well that we had not separated since it kept most of the fluids in. As Nena got up I got a view of her pussy briefly and saw it dripping. Nena was quick here though and covered her modesty with her hand and moved the fabric back into place while catching the dripping cum. We had done it. We managed to get out of the car without leaving a trace and no one seeing a thing. We got our things out while the rest rearranged themselves with the newly vacated spots. Soon they were packed in again and we waved our good byes.

Once the car was out of sight Nena lost it. She let out a terrible shriek that was full of pain, anger, and sorrow. Nena dropped on her hands and knees and started sobbing uncontrollably. I could not have felt more guilt in my whole life and doubt I ever will again. Here I had practically rapped my little sister and hurt her more then I could imagine and the evidence was plainly visible. My cum visibly leaking from her swim suit now and about to drip to the ground. I stood there confused as my sister cried watching in terrible fascination as the glob of my own cum dripped from my sister’s no longer virgin pussy. Once my cum finally reached the ground I figured I should do something.

“Nena, I am..” I never got to finish.

“DON’T TALK TO ME!” she shrieked again. “Just leave me alone.”

And I did. For a full week we did not speak. Unless we had to we did not even occupied the same room. If either of us entered a room with the other we would either turn around and leave or the other would vacate the room. During that week I spoke with Jessica a few times. Her flirting clearly indicating she hoped I would ask her out. Believe me I wanted to and I would have but it just did not seem right to start dating right after what happened between Nena and me. I had to make sure to resolve the issue with my sister. I am not sure we could but at least enough to put it behind us. I was thinking about talking to Nena that day but she beat me to it.

“My period started today,” she said.

She was far to causal in how she said it. I however flipped when I heard this. “Wait what! You mean this whole time you could have been pregnant?” I said in disbelief.

She was not pleased with my response either. She glared at me with her response, “of course you idiot. You cam inside me. That is how babies are made.”

“No, I know, I mean, what,” I could not get my thoughts across. “Um, what I mean is I thought you took a pill or something.”

“I do not have birth control. I was a virgin until you raped me.” she said critically.

The word rape was a bit harsh I thought but I could not really argue with it. “Look I am sorry, I truly am but it was an accident. If you got pregnant it would be just as big a problem for me as it would be for you. If you were afraid you could have been pregnant you should have told me.”

Nena was taken aback by this. “You mean it? You would have helped?”

My turn to be angry. “Of course I would have! Don’t you know me at all?”

“Sorry,” she said.

I let out a sigh, “it’s ok. It’s over now.”

“I guess,” she said as she looked away. She was clearly still depressed with the whole affair. I could not blame her. So was I but what else could we do?

Next few days things did not really go back to normal but they did get better. We did not avoid each other any more but it was still uncomfortable to talk with one another. It was maybe thee or four days later that inspiration struck. Was it a great idea? Maybe not but I had to try. I spent the day picking up a few things, not all easy to get mainly due to being too nervous but I managed. When I was ready though I approached Nena again.

Knock, knock.

“Who is it?”, Nena called from her room.

“Its me. Can I come in?” I asked.

There was a long pause before she answered, “fine, come in.”

I walked in and found Nena sitting cross legged on her bed and her arms folded. She was not hostile but she was not pleased to see me. I pulled up a chair and sat across from her.

“What do you want,” she said.

“I want to talk about what happened,” I said.

Her eyes narrowed, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Hold up, hear me out,” I continued.

“Make it quick,” she demanded.

“Can we both agree it was a bad experience for the both of us?” I asked.

She did not answer. Instead she gave me a look that suggest the answer was so obvious I was stupid to have asked. Not the way I had planed the conversation but I had to ask. “Look I know I hurt you. Losing your virginity by being forced to ride your brother in the back seat of a crowed car is not the way you or anyone would have expected to lose it. It is certainly not how I had expected to lose my virginity.”

Nena’s face softened at that. Perhaps she had not thought about my virginity.

I continued, “its true. I would have expected the occasion of my first time to be more special then forced copulation with my sister. I am not going to lie though. The body enjoyed it, even yours did, but not by choice.”

She glared at me again her anger flaring and was about to say something when I quickly cut her off. “That is why I am here though. I don’t want your first time or mine to be remembered as a horrible and traumatic experience.”

“Too late for that,” she scoffed.

“Perhaps so but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something about it”, I said.

“O’really?” she quipped. “And what do you think you can do about it? Got a time machine?” Her sarcasm and disbelief in a solution was so strong I almost lost confidence in the idea entirely. I paused and almost gave it up. I was about ready to leave when I remember how crushed I was when I saw my cum dripping from her used pussy and how she cried.

I took a deep breath, “why don’t we do it again? Only this time we do it right.”

The silence was painful but I waited. Nena’s mouth was slightly a gap as her wide eyes simply bore holes in me. I crossed my arms and maintained as straight a face as possible and refused to lose eye contact.

Eventually she shook her self and blinked rapidly several times. Pulling her gaze away she asked in a squeaky voice, “what?”

I remembered to start breathing again when I replied, “I am saying our first time was a terrible experience and we should fix it by having sex properly.” I had finally said it, that wonderful and terrible three letter ‘S’ word.

Nena’s wit returned at the mention of the word sex. “Oh how noble,” she said feigning helplessness. “A brother ‘accidentally’ cums in his little sister and to say sorry graciously offers to do so again.” After ending the charade she followed up with, “what the fuck is wrong with you. You didn’t get enough the first time? Can’t wait to bang your sister again? Fucking disgusting.”

The words were harsh but I had expected them. I really wanted her to understand. I spoke slowly and clearly making sure to keep eye contact and as I spoke I started leaning in. “Of course not. Do you think I ask this ‘lightly’? Do you really think I don’t ‘realize’ what I am asking? I even got condoms and birth control to make it ‘safe’. I have thought about it. A lot. It is not about whether you say yes or no. It is about letting you know what I am willing to do to make it right.”

She turned away and laughed half heartedly while I tried to maintained my composure. She looked at me again and turned away and repeated this a few times while her laughter died down. Until she finally looked at me and said in almost a whisper, “you’re serious?”

“I am,” was all I said.

Nena held a fist over her mouth and stared at the ground with her other arm crossed tightly a crossed her chest. After a moment of silence she spoke and said, “I will have to think about it.”

“Of course,” I said as I got up and left. Once back in my own room I collapsed and found my whole body was trembling from the experience. I could not believe I had actually asked such a ludicrous thing. I had accomplished what I had set out to do though. I had let her know how I felt and gave her the option to do the same. I however was satisfied with where it was. I honestly had not ever expected or planned on her ever accepting the offer since it was really just the offer itself that was the real solution.

Things went back to normal for me after that. I felt great. I was even going to ask Jessica out. Problem was Nena was worse then ever while she contemplated my offer. I was surprised it was taking her so long to tell me ‘no’ but I waited. I was sure she would feel better about it once she finally told me but after three days Nena had still not spoken to me. I was starting to get a bit worried that perhaps it had been a bad idea after all. That third night I recall walking past her room and hearing her on the phone. I am not sure who she was speaking with but she sounded depressed. “I would like but I am not ready,” I heard her say. I sighed and went to my room. Maybe I should talk to her again I thought. Hours later she finally came to me with her answer.

I did not even hear her enter my room. I jumped when I heard her speak. Not because it was loud but because she was so close to me when she did. She was actually almost whispering.

“Does your offer still stand?” Nena asked.

“Woah, you startled me,” I said. Nena however did not move and just looked at me expectantly with the most vulnerable expression I had ever seen.

I straighten up, cleared my throat and answered earnestly as possible, “yes it is.” I honestly expected her to simply thank me for caring so much and then tell me no. That was sort of the plan all along. However that is not what she did.

She dropped her gaze and softly said, “lets do it then.”

I started choking despite the fact that I had not eaten or drank anything in the last hour. But choke I did. I started coughing, my eyes started watering up, and I could not breathe. When I finally started breathing again I noticed the look of concern on Nena’s face.

“Are you ok?” she asked.

“I am fine,” I crocked.

She was worried but not necessarily for my health with her next question, “you were serious, weren’t’ you?”

“I was, I am, I just didn’t think you would take me up on it,” I replied.

“Well I am,” she said as she straightened up a bit and held my gaze her confidence returning a little. “As crazy as it sounds, I think you right.”

I did not know what to say. I opened and closed my mouth a few time before she interjected. “Saturday,” she said.

“What,” I asked too slow to catch on to what she was asking.

“Mom and dad will be gone most of the day,” she elaborated.

“But that is in two days,” I said.

“Yep,” she said. She looked as scared as I felt though I bet I looked just as scared.

The next two days flew by. You might think the prospect of sex had me excited but it was the opposite. I was dreading it. I had truly meant it. I had the condoms and the morning after pills, hell I even shaved my nethers for the occasion. Anything I thought that might help. The truth was I was scared I would screw it up for her. What if it actually just made things worse?

I woke up early for a Saturday but I stayed in bed as long as possible. Our parents left around noon but made sure we were both out of bed to see them off. They would not be home until well after 9:00 they said. It was now or never I guess. With our parents gone it was just me and my sister standing there at the door. I felt I should say something.

“Shall we?” I asked lamely.

“I suppose so,” Nena said with just as little enthusiasm as me.

We trudged our way to my room. When we got there I did not really know what else to do so I took off my shirt. Nena appeared equally confused and after looking at me for a moment she finally took her shirt off too revealing a blue bra. I then fumbled with my belt and slowly took off my pants revealing my best pair of red boxers. They made me look good and I liked wearing them but at that moment I did not feel that good. Nena followed suit and pulled down her pants revealing her sheer blue panties. I did not even know she had something like that. I could see right through them and see her shaved pussy. She must have shaved for the occasion as well or maybe she always kept it shaved for swimming. I know I always kept mine at least trimmed to keep pubs from poking out. She did look very pretty though she was clearly embarrassed and blushing. We kept stealing glances at each other but would avert our gaze when we were caught looking. She did look hot and despite how awkward it felt I start forming a tall tent in my boxers. When Nena saw this her eyes went wide and she turned around. After a moment she then started unclipping her bra and let it fall to the floor. I dropped my boxers to the floor and saw her do the same with her panties. She turned back to face me blushing deeply. She held one arm over her breasts and the other over her pussy.

“Well let me see. It is not like we can do this without seeing each other,” I said.

“Yeah, I guess not,” she whispered still covering her self and avoiding eye contact.

I stepped closer, “come on” I said encouragingly trying to sound more cheerful then I felt.

“Ok,” she said and slowly uncovered her perky breasts and smooth pussy.

“You look amazing, beautiful, truly you do,” I said smiling. It is true she was stunning and looked like she was pulled right out of a wet dream but my complement still felt hollow to me.

“I guess this is it,” she said as she climbed onto the bed.

“I guess so,” I replied.

She sat on the bed cross-legged while I opened a condom and slipped it on. I got on the bed with her. Nena then laid down and slowly opened her legs for me. I straddled her and leaned over as I lined my cock up with my sister’s pussy. When my cock touched her pussy she jumped back a bit.

“You ok? We don’t have to do this,” I said.

“No, it is ok, it was just unexpected,” she replied.

I leaned in again and made contacted. Nena did not jump this time. She tighten her hands into fists and closed her eyes fast and waited for me to enter. I was lined up ready to go but it just did not feel right. We were lying to ourselves. We thought this would make it better and were both to afraid to say we were not enjoying it. I got off, sat down, and took the condom off as my hard cock deflated.

“This isn’t right,” I said.

Nena let out a sigh of relief, opened her eyes, and then sat next to me.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“You don’t need to pretend. This is awful,” I told her. “The whole point of this was so we could have sex and do it right but everything about this feels wrong.”

“Well what do we do?” she asked.

“Do you still want to do this?” I asked.

“Well we have come this far,” she stated. “We should try again. Maybe just not now.”

I turned to her and smiled. The first smile in two days that felt real. I then put my arm around her and pulled her toward me. She reciprocated my embrace putting her head on my chest. We just held one another in silence enjoying an intimate and unexpected connection. I did not want it to end and I am not sure how long we stayed that way but at some point I noticed we were both still completely naked.

I looked at her and smiled, “you know you really are pretty.”

She looked up and said, “really?”

“Really,” I said.

She snuggled in even more. We sat there and once more I am not sure for how long. Eventually though it would have to end and I had an idea how.

“Why don’t we put our clothes on and go swimming?” I asked.

She beamed at me, “you know what? That sounds like a great idea.”

In less then 10 minutes we were dress and heading out the door. We did not have a means of transportation so we walked. Not the water park from earlier but just to the school. The pool was open to the public most of the time outside of school hours even if it was about a 30 minute walk. We were even back to our old selves on the walk, laughing and talking like we use to. Actually I think we were closer then we had ever been. We had a blast at the pool even if we did tease one another for wearing the same swim wear that started this in the first place. It was all in good fun. Something neither of us would have expected.

We only left the pool hours later when they started shutting down. Neither of us had eaten for the day either and by this point we were starving. Instead of walking home to eat which would be another 30 minutes we took a slight detour for dinner that night. The sun was getting low in the sky by the time we had finished. Outside I asked Nena where she would like to go next.

“Well I don’t know about you, but I plan on going home and having a shower,” she said.

“Oh, and what then?” I asked while raising an eyebrow.

Nena gave me a peck on the check and winked, “I am sure we will think of something.”

It was deep twilight by the time we arrived home and the night had started by the time we finished our showers. I had been watching TV while waiting for Nena to come out. She had just finished drying her hair when she entered the living room. I turned off the TV and greeted her.

Looking at the clock Nena said, “you know we still have at least an hour before mom and dad return.”

“And I think I know just how to spend it,” I said as I got up and started lighting candles.

“Candles? You mean right here?” she said surprised.

“Why not?” I said as I finished lighting the candles. “You said we had an hour and we do have the whole place to ourselves until then.” It was a spur of the moment decision but I could tell she like the idea too.

I took off my shirt and tossed it to the floor and stepped closer. Nena was quick on the uptake and soon did the same. She was blushing just like earlier only this time she was smiling. She lifted her hands and started to undo her blue bra like earlier as well when I stopped her, inspired yet again.

“Wait, let me,” I said.

She did not protest. I approached and cupped one of her breasts. She shivered at my touch and closed her eyes. I slowly massaged her tit through the fabric of her bra for a moment then traced my finger’s around her back. I pulled her in closer taking in the sweet smell of her shampoo. Her eyes were still closed as I started to work on the straps. My inexperienced fingers fumbled but I was in no hurry. I had been concentrating on the task to the point I had not even noticed my sister getting closer. When I finally had the strap off I dropped her bra and was greeted by a tender kiss.

A warm glow emanated from her lips through my whole body down to my toes. I closed my eyes savoring it while embracing Nena and returning the kiss. So soft and warm I could have stayed like that forever but I knew we could not do that. I am still not sure who did it first but one of us parted their lips and extended their tongue. The kiss quickly intensified as we discovered this new trick. We soon broke off the kiss painting but wanting more then air.

We were soon back at it. While we kissed I started undoing her pants and she did the same with mine. My shorts were lose and fell the floor easily not so with Nena’s. I broke the kiss and drew my hands down her sides to assist her out of the tight fitting shorts. Once I got them off her hips they slipped to the floor and she delicately stepped out of them. The sheer blue panties from earlier were even prettier then I remember.

Nena could not help but smile wide while she blushed. Defiantly the shy type but to her credit she was trying to not let that get to her. She twirled about showing off figure which was more then enough for me. I wasted no more time with my own underwear and freed my very eager cock. Her eyes went wide at the sight of it but she continued to smile and blush. Less gentile then intended but not rough I sat Nena on the couch where she quickly pulled up her legs and held them together with her hand. While trying to pry her hands off her legs so I could get her legs apart it occurred to me I was being rougher then I meant. I stopped and looked at my sister who looked as nervous as could be. She may have been smiling but her eyes said she was scared.

“Are you sure about this,” I said while I still had the will power to stop.

She did not answer instead she looked up at me then back down to my pulsing cock. Slowly she relaxed and took her hands off her legs. She covered her face with her hands as I grasped her panties and slowly removed them. I mounted and prepared to enter when I realized I did not have a condom.

“Damn it, I need to get a condom,” I told her.

“No,” she said hastily. “I don’t think I can go through with this if we have to start again. Just go for it.”

“Alright,” I said. I did have pills as a back up after all.

I rubbed the tip of my cock along her smooth slit a few times lubricating the both of us before lining myself up. She still had her eyes covered with her hands when I started to press in. I pushed slowly but firmly and had just managed to get the tip in. Something seemed to be preventing us from going further. It could not have been her hymn since that had not even been an issue weeks back. What ever it was though it was not going to stop me. I pushed a little bit more and suddenly found myself balls deep. We both took in a sharp breath at this sudden deep penetration. I could not believe the sight before me. My sister madly blushing, covering her eyes with her brother’s cock stuffed deep in her pussy. She looked adorable and lovely and the whole situation too intoxicating and exhilarating for me. I exploded and deposited the first load of fresh serum into my sister’s womb.

She parted her fingers and allowed one eye to peek through as she felt her uterus flooded with cum. “Did you just cum?” she asked alarmed.

“Um, I couldn’t help it,” I said stupidly. “But I can keep going.” It was true though. Even after blowing my load I was still horny and hard as hell.

“I can’t believe you just did that. You better be able to keep going,” she chided.

“Sorry,” was all I said as I started to slowly withdraw. Right before pulling the head out I sank myself right back in. Nena sighed in pleasure as I re-entered. I repeated the process a few times picking up the pace. Nena was still covering her eyes, as cute as it was I knew she was missing out by doing so.

“You can look you know,” I prompted.

She bit her lip and slightly shook her head. While still driving into her I took her hands and pulled them from her face. She resisted but not strongly however; even after removing her hands she kept her eyes tightly shut.

“Come on, you need to see,” I encouraged her again.

Slowly but surely she opened her eyes and looked at her well filled pussy. Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened the longer she started at my cock as I repeatedly penetrated her pussy. Overwhelmed by the sight after only watching for a few seconds her eyes rolled to the back of her head as her body began shaking in waves of ecstasy as her orgasm took her. I did not stop for her and continued to pound her extending the orgasm. Nena was out of breath and her eyes wild by the time she stopped quivering. Only then did I stop my relentless barrage on her pussy. Still on the edge I allowed both of us to calm down. Not for too long though.

Dismounting, a thin stream of cum leaked from her lips. A beautiful sight to be sure but we were not done yet. “We still have time, it is your turn,” I said to Nena.

“Hmmm, my turn?” she asked still a bit hazy.

“Ya, you’re on top this time,” I said as I helped her up.

She brought her legs together closing her pussy lips as she stood. Just as well that she did or we may have made a real mess on the couch. Even so it did not prevent the small stream from running down her inner thigh. Feeling the stream running down her leg she grabbed it with her hand. Lifting her hand and examining the combined fluids she started blushing again. Not knowing what to do with it she smeared it over her citreous and up around the top of her pussy where her pubs would have been. After seeing her glistening pussy I could not wait to get back inside. I took my spot on the couch, still warm from my sister and prompted Nena to follow.

Hard to believe after all this she was still so shy. Eventually she mounted me and gingerly guided my slippery cock to her wet entrance. I probed trying to get deeper but she held herself too high for my reach. Frustrated I grabbed her hips and pulled her down my rod. She let out a gasp of surprise and held me down as she adjusted. After a brief pause she leaned forward placing her hands on my chest and started ascending. Right as I was about to slip out she sat back down engulfing my cock once more. After three slow strokes she began picking up the pace and in less then a minute was truly riding me. My climax approached as she rode me out and I let her know.

“Not yet,” she said as she redoubled her efforts. Despite her shyness she was ridding me with all the tenacity of bull rider. I did not fair much better and began bucking as she rode. Unable to hold back any longer my balls clenched as I filled her cervix yet again. Feeling the hot jets filling her Nena arched her back and threw her head back as she came with me. Totally spent my cock finally started wilting but it never left her. She collapsed on top of me and gave me a quick kiss before nuzzling my ear. We stayed like that for a while before either of us spoke.

“So that is what sex is meant to be,” Nena said with a satisfied smile.

“I didn’t know it was that good either,” I replied.

“Well…” she said but we were interrupted by headlights coming in through the window.

“Shit!” we said in unison. Our parents were home. We got up in a hurry. My cock dislodging itself from my sister’s pussy unleashing a river of cum. She quickly stopped it from landing on the couch or the floor with her hand.

“Quick I need something to clean this up with,” she said frantically.

I grabbed the first thing I could find, her sheer blue panties. She did not seem to care and quickly blotted up the cum. We could hear the car doors closing. Any moment now they would be coming in. What would they do if they found their son and daughter naked in the living room dripping with cum? Neither of us wanted to find out. We grabbed our clothes and bolted from the room still naked. None too soon either. I had just ran the corner when the door opened.

“Were home,” called our mother.

“Be right down,” I called back trying to dress in my room. Nena had gone for the bathroom and I could hear running water as she tried to clean up. I doubt she had time enough to do more then wash her hands by the time we were back in the living room. I also would have liked to know if she had put her panties back on or not but did not have long to ponder it.

“You two alright? You are painting,” observed our father.

“And what is with the candles?” asked our mother.

“What? No, we are fine,” lied my sister none to convincingly.

Luckily our parents did not really care. “What ever,” replied our dad. “Hope you two behaved yourselves.”

Oh, if they only knew.

I did not get a chance to speak with my sister until the next day when I brought her the morning after pills.

“Thank god,” she said as I handed them over. “I was afraid you didn’t really have any.”

“They were hard to get but I was prepared for that. I was not prepared for our parents walking in though,” I said.

She grimaced at the thought, “ya, that was kind of close,” she agreed. “Listen, thank you for last night. I feel a lot better.”

“Oh, you’re welcome,” I said awkwardly. What does one say after being thanked fucking their sister? I sure did not know. “Maybe we can do it again some time,” I said hopefully.

She just looked at me for a moment before replying, “no, I don’t think so. It was good. Actually it was great but we are siblings. We can’t do that.”

“Oh,” I said a bit dejected. It made sense. We had shared a moment, an intimate moment, but it was over now.

“Besides,” she said as she started blushing again. “I think I am going to start dating.”

“What really?” I said surprised. “Who?”

“Jack. He asked me again a few days ago,” she continued. “It was one of the reasons I took you up on your offer actually.”

“Wait so a few days ago it was Jack you were talking to? And after that you decided to have sex with me?” I said putting pieces together.

“Ya…” she whispered unable to look at me. “I have wanted to go out with him for a while but I have been too scared and after the car incident I felt like damaged goods.”

“You are not damaged goods,” I told her.

“Maybe not but I am not a virgin either,” she said blushing.

Neither of us said anything for a long while. After thinking it over I decided it was probably for the best though.

“Well Jack is a good guy,” I said. “And I have been wanting to ask Jessica out any way.”

“You two looked cute, you really should ask her,” Nena agreed.

So we both started dating, Nena with my buddy Jack and me with Jessica. Would Nana and I ever go at it again? Probably not but that does not mean it was an impossibility.

Nauhgty Sex Work

I never ever thought that some of the underage girls who dressed in shorts that were two sizes too small, or tops that you could easily see down their shirts, would actually be more than just cock teases.

But boy, was I wrong. Wrong in a huge way.

First off let me describe who I am

My name is Dave, I’m a low-level manager at a movie theater that’s attached to one of the popular teen malls in a pretty decent sized city. I was a college graduate with a highly touted degree but with the job market in the toilet I had to take a job to pay off all my student loans and being offered an easy job at the local theater right across from my apartment complex, I decided there were worse things to do.

Besides, there were tons of young teen and preteen girls that loved to flaunt their bodies in plain sight and there was no harm in looking.

I was no stranger to girls, I was even called a lady’s man to some. Not saying I’m some knock out looker, or somebody who had an insane rocking body.

Far from it.

In the looks department, I’m pretty average. Light brown hair, hazel eyes, plain looking face, and just a slender body that showed that I did know what the gym was, but never went on a regular basis. My flirtatious attitude and semi-confident attitude turned enough girls towards me that I was never really at a loss for girls who wanted to hang or talk, even if I had only closed the deal on a few.

Most of the girls became friends or locked me in the friend zone, but, I never resented the girls for it. Just moved on to the next crush.

I’ve always had a thing for smaller, petite, slender girls and unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your view, that normally described younger girls and I always caught my self staring at the young girls as their small ass swayed back and forth.

Well let’s get to the good part, shall we?

I was scheduled to close one night when one of those big teen movies came out and it was beyond busy. Mainly the same type of preteen idiot boys and giggling girls going through the box office and then leaving without to many incidents.

Until one of the later showings.

The seven o’clock showing was normally the busiest and it was no different that night. So I had finally got a chance to kick back in the office as the movies ran and started playing some games on my iPhone. I looked up and noticed the last showings were about to start. I groaned and got up from the chair and looked at the monitors and saw a group of three girls in the lobby. I looked at them on the monitors and sort of inspected them.

None of them appeared to be over 15 years of age if that.

All three were wearing jean shorts that covered up the bare minimum and wearing some various form of a tank top. One of them, which I assumed was the slut or the bolder of the trio, wearing a black bra that was very easy to see through the tank top and on the side.

I immediately imagined what these girls would look like as I jerked myself off over their young faces moaning for my cum. I started to get hard as I watched them walk around the lobby without really any direction. I tried to get a hold of my raging emotions, and more importantly, my stiffening cock, but couldn’t help but continue my fantasy. I sat back in the chair and sort of let my mind wander as I continued to watch the girls.

The “slut” of the group had shoulder length dirty blonde hair, had a more curvy body than the three, maybe a budding ‘C’ cup chest and about medium height. The two that flanked her had looks of followers. Girls who would just go along with what the alpha did. The one on the right side of “slut” had long blonde hair with a budding figure, and her face had similar qualities to the head of the group.

Younger sister?


The last had dark hair with a red tint to it, a small very petite figure, not even ‘B’ cup chest, wore glasses and had a nerdy vibe to her. They continued to walk around the lobby giggling and smiling, without any real direction.

My overactive imagination raged with my sensible mind as I couldn’t get the images out of my head.

My cock was starting to expand in my slacks as I imagined the “slut” moaning in ecstasy as I slid my cock into her tight teenage pussy.

Maybe while I did that, the “sister” could be eating out the “nerd” while me and “slut’ continued fucking. Maybe, the “nerd” would pull my cock out of the “slut” and suck it off before sliding it back in. Maybe the “sister” would make out with the “slut” and beg for me to “fuck her as good as her sister.”

Maybe –

I shook my head.

I had to clear my thoughts or else I’d have to go into the bathroom and take care of the problem the old fashioned ways.

And to masturbate at the theater? I was a pervert, but I wasn’t that much of a pervert.

I smiled as the thoughts began to fade away, the sounds of moaning died and began to get lost in my subconscious.

“One can dream,” I said as my hard-on began to subside.

Maybe I could bring the thoughts back after work when I got back to my apartment.

I walked out of the office and into the lobby and towards the three girls.

When I approached, the nerd turned and caught my eye first and I flashed my best roguish grin at her. She immediately blushed and turned back to the group giggling.

“Hello ladies, is there anything I can do for you?” I said as I got within earshot.

The girls looked over at me and immediately started giggling.

I smiled politely and asked, “What’s so funny?”

They stopped giggling just long enough for the alpha to say “Oh, nothing much, just that one of us is wearing hearts on our underwear too.”

I froze and looked down and saw my fly on my slacks were down and my boxers, that had hearts on it, were in plain sight.

I felt the heat rising in my face as the three burst out laughing as they walked towards a theater.

I looked up just in time to see the nerd catch my eye again before she disappeared into the theater and I bolted towards the office to zip up my fly.

I shook my head in sheer embarrassment and got right back on my iPhone to continue to game to pass away the time.

I lost track of time before I heard a knock at the office door. I didn’t even look at the monitor, figuring it was time for most of the employees to go home and they were just letting me know.

I opened the door and there was the nerd from before.

I was a little taken aback as she smiled sheepishly at me.

“Can I help you? I promise my fly isn’t down this time.” I said trying to muster some kind of confidence.

“I just wanted to say sorry for Jessie. She just thinks she’s being cool.”

Her voice was soft and high pitched at the same time.

“No problem,” I said. “I hope you three enjoy the movie.”

I turned to walk away and close the office door when she stopped me “Y’know Jessie dared me to come and talk to you.”

I turned with a quizzical look at her.


“Yup! She dared me to tell you that I am the one with the hearts on my underwear.”

I froze. What was this girl doing? What was this trio doing? Was this a trap? Was Chris Hansen with a TV crew just around the corner?

As my mind immediately went into paranoia mode, she continued.

“And to show you if you didn’t believe me.”

I began to shake my head, when she stepped into the office, pushing me aside.

“Listen, I can’t-

She blushed as she interrupted me.

“I’m don’t think you believe me. Well if you want, I can show you if you want.”

I was struck dumb and at a loss for words, trying to come up with any kind of words for what this little teenager was suggesting.

She was starting to blush as I my brain continued to work into overdrive, with all those earlier thoughts came flooding back into my brain.

This little teenager just offered to show me her underwear. That didn’t mean anything other than potentially a little peak. Or maybe she’d pull her tiny ass shorts down and give me a good view.

Probably more of the little peak part though.

My brain was still racing, but I decided to see exactly what she meant.

“So, this Jessie, just dared you to do this?”

She nodded as she put her hands behind her back.

“And, how would she know if you did or did not do this?”

“We’d have to take a selfie in our heart underwear,” she said, flashing a wicked grin. Something that kind of looked insanely hot with her nerdy glasses and her petite figure.

My cock began to expand as I thought about seeing this underaged girl in her underwear.

“So, can you help me?”

I just nodded and she took her phone out of her too small pockets and tossed it to me and began to undo her button and began to pull her shorts off.

I stood there as my imagination went wild. Here was an underage girl taking off her shorts and revealing that there were hearts on her panties.

She pulled her shorts off and tossed them to me.

This petite nerdy girl stood in front of me, proudly showing off her heart panties.

My cock was straining against my pants at this point.

She began to giggle as she noticed the tent in my pants.

“So, am I gonna be the only one in my underwear?”

I quickly snapped back to reality and started to undo my pants. With the rather large tent in my pants, it was rather hard to pull the pants down over the tent.

She smiled as she kept staring at my tent, my rock hard cock slipping out of my boxers for a second.

Her eyes got wide as I quickly shoved my cock back into my boxers.

“Well, that’s bigger than my last boyfriend’s”

I felt my ego get a huge boost from that.

“So miss, now do we take the selfie?” I asked.

“First off, my name’s Alice and yup!” She said bouncing to me.

As she got her phone and got close to me, her hand brushed up against my raging hard-on. She held the phone up with one hand and the other was brushing up against my cock.

As we took the selfie, her hand reached down and began to rub the bulge in my boxers. She began to snap more selfies as she continued to rub my hard-on.

I moaned a little bit “Listen, this was fun, but –

“Shhhh,” Alice said as she continued to rub my cock.

As I looked down at her, she began to stroke my cock over my boxers while looking at me.

“Do you want more?”

I looked at her, enjoying the feeling, “More?”

“Well, I’ve only ever licked one once, but I’ve wanted to do it again.”

I just nodded and went into autopilot mode as I started to pull my boxers down.

As soon as my cock broke free, it bounced a little and she leaned down and held onto the base of my cock and looked up at me.

I just nodded and pressed her head down towards my cock. She got the idea and began to lick the head of my cock and I just let out a moan. She continued to lick up and down my cock.

As mind-blowing as this was, I was ready for more.

“How about you get down on your knees?” I moaned out

She just smiled and nodded, getting down on her knees and continued to lick my cock.

As good as this was, I wanted to shove my cock into that small mouth. I decided to be more assertive and I pulled her face closer to my cock. There was a moment of hesitation, but then she opened her mouth and took my cock into her mouth. I closed my eyes as she began to bob her head up and down the shaft. I moaned as she continued to suck and heard her begin to moan around my cock.

I opened my eyes and looked down at this wonderful sight of this nerdy girl was sucking my cock and with her other hand, she was massaging her pussy over her panties.

I closed my eyes again with a smile as I continued to feel her head bobbing up and down with her moaning around my cock.

“Fuck! Damn this is amazing.” I whispered to her as I felt the familiar feeling of an orgasm building.

She moaned as she continued to suck me off.

As it started getting closer I opened my eyes and looked down at her. She was rubbing her pussy faster and harder. I started to pump my cock into her mouth faster and harder as I got closer to summing.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” I said

She starting moaning around my cock as I saw her body lock up and her panties showed off a dark patch.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth just before I started to cum. I started stroking my cock over her face and it wasn’t long before I started cumming. I let out a long moan as cum hit her cheeks, glasses, and neck.

She kind of cringed as the cum hit her face, but she giggled as I stopped cumming.

“Wow,” she said as she caught her breath.

I leaned back and sat back on the desk as my cock deflated completely out of breath and blown away with what just happened.

She wiped off her face and reached for my boxers to clean the cum off of her glasses. She went for her shorts and turned back to me.

“That was fun. But I was hoping you wouldn’t cum so soon.”

My brain was starting to come back to reality with those words.

“Wait, what?”

“What?” Alice said. “I was hoping you could fuck me.”

My cock began to twinge at the prospect of fucking this teenager.

Then the thought popped back in my head.

“Want to come back to my apartment? I think we could have a lot of fun back there after I close down the theater.”

She flashed an evil grin, “Let me go tell my friends to drop me off there and you can just take me back to their place after our fun.”

I gave her my address and we exchanged numbers as she left the office.

I rushed home after closing up the theater, my cock already getting super hard thinking about fucking this teenager.

She texted me with the picture of us in our underwear with the text “You home?”

I responded with a winkie face emoji and before long I heard a knock at the door.

I opened the door expecting just to see Alice.

What I saw was Alice, with her two slutty friends smiling at me.

“Hey, I thought my friends could join us,” Alice said with an evil grin.