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I never ever thought that some of the underage girls who dressed in shorts that were two sizes too small, or tops that you could easily see down their shirts, would actually be more than just cock teases.

But boy, was I wrong. Wrong in a huge way.

First off let me describe who I am

My name is Dave, I’m a low-level manager at a movie theater that’s attached to one of the popular teen malls in a pretty decent sized city. I was a college graduate with a highly touted degree but with the job market in the toilet I had to take a job to pay off all my student loans and being offered an easy job at the local theater right across from my apartment complex, I decided there were worse things to do.

Besides, there were tons of young teen and preteen girls that loved to flaunt their bodies in plain sight and there was no harm in looking.

I was no stranger to girls, I was even called a lady’s man to some. Not saying I’m some knock out looker, or somebody who had an insane rocking body.

Far from it.

In the looks department, I’m pretty average. Light brown hair, hazel eyes, plain looking face, and just a slender body that showed that I did know what the gym was, but never went on a regular basis. My flirtatious attitude and semi-confident attitude turned enough girls towards me that I was never really at a loss for girls who wanted to hang or talk, even if I had only closed the deal on a few.

Most of the girls became friends or locked me in the friend zone, but, I never resented the girls for it. Just moved on to the next crush.

I’ve always had a thing for smaller, petite, slender girls and unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your view, that normally described younger girls and I always caught my self staring at the young girls as their small ass swayed back and forth.

Well let’s get to the good part, shall we?

I was scheduled to close one night when one of those big teen movies came out and it was beyond busy. Mainly the same type of preteen idiot boys and giggling girls going through the box office and then leaving without to many incidents.

Until one of the later showings.

The seven o’clock showing was normally the busiest and it was no different that night. So I had finally got a chance to kick back in the office as the movies ran and started playing some games on my iPhone. I looked up and noticed the last showings were about to start. I groaned and got up from the chair and looked at the monitors and saw a group of three girls in the lobby. I looked at them on the monitors and sort of inspected them.

None of them appeared to be over 15 years of age if that.

All three were wearing jean shorts that covered up the bare minimum and wearing some various form of a tank top. One of them, which I assumed was the slut or the bolder of the trio, wearing a black bra that was very easy to see through the tank top and on the side.

I immediately imagined what these girls would look like as I jerked myself off over their young faces moaning for my cum. I started to get hard as I watched them walk around the lobby without really any direction. I tried to get a hold of my raging emotions, and more importantly, my stiffening cock, but couldn’t help but continue my fantasy. I sat back in the chair and sort of let my mind wander as I continued to watch the girls.

The “slut” of the group had shoulder length dirty blonde hair, had a more curvy body than the three, maybe a budding ‘C’ cup chest and about medium height. The two that flanked her had looks of followers. Girls who would just go along with what the alpha did. The one on the right side of “slut” had long blonde hair with a budding figure, and her face had similar qualities to the head of the group.

Younger sister?


The last had dark hair with a red tint to it, a small very petite figure, not even ‘B’ cup chest, wore glasses and had a nerdy vibe to her. They continued to walk around the lobby giggling and smiling, without any real direction.

My overactive imagination raged with my sensible mind as I couldn’t get the images out of my head.

My cock was starting to expand in my slacks as I imagined the “slut” moaning in ecstasy as I slid my cock into her tight teenage pussy.

Maybe while I did that, the “sister” could be eating out the “nerd” while me and “slut’ continued fucking. Maybe, the “nerd” would pull my cock out of the “slut” and suck it off before sliding it back in. Maybe the “sister” would make out with the “slut” and beg for me to “fuck her as good as her sister.”

Maybe –

I shook my head.

I had to clear my thoughts or else I’d have to go into the bathroom and take care of the problem the old fashioned ways.

And to masturbate at the theater? I was a pervert, but I wasn’t that much of a pervert.

I smiled as the thoughts began to fade away, the sounds of moaning died and began to get lost in my subconscious.

“One can dream,” I said as my hard-on began to subside.

Maybe I could bring the thoughts back after work when I got back to my apartment.

I walked out of the office and into the lobby and towards the three girls.

When I approached, the nerd turned and caught my eye first and I flashed my best roguish grin at her. She immediately blushed and turned back to the group giggling.

“Hello ladies, is there anything I can do for you?” I said as I got within earshot.

The girls looked over at me and immediately started giggling.

I smiled politely and asked, “What’s so funny?”

They stopped giggling just long enough for the alpha to say “Oh, nothing much, just that one of us is wearing hearts on our underwear too.”

I froze and looked down and saw my fly on my slacks were down and my boxers, that had hearts on it, were in plain sight.

I felt the heat rising in my face as the three burst out laughing as they walked towards a theater.

I looked up just in time to see the nerd catch my eye again before she disappeared into the theater and I bolted towards the office to zip up my fly.

I shook my head in sheer embarrassment and got right back on my iPhone to continue to game to pass away the time.

I lost track of time before I heard a knock at the office door. I didn’t even look at the monitor, figuring it was time for most of the employees to go home and they were just letting me know.

I opened the door and there was the nerd from before.

I was a little taken aback as she smiled sheepishly at me.

“Can I help you? I promise my fly isn’t down this time.” I said trying to muster some kind of confidence.

“I just wanted to say sorry for Jessie. She just thinks she’s being cool.”

Her voice was soft and high pitched at the same time.

“No problem,” I said. “I hope you three enjoy the movie.”

I turned to walk away and close the office door when she stopped me “Y’know Jessie dared me to come and talk to you.”

I turned with a quizzical look at her.


“Yup! She dared me to tell you that I am the one with the hearts on my underwear.”

I froze. What was this girl doing? What was this trio doing? Was this a trap? Was Chris Hansen with a TV crew just around the corner?

As my mind immediately went into paranoia mode, she continued.

“And to show you if you didn’t believe me.”

I began to shake my head, when she stepped into the office, pushing me aside.

“Listen, I can’t-

She blushed as she interrupted me.

“I’m don’t think you believe me. Well if you want, I can show you if you want.”

I was struck dumb and at a loss for words, trying to come up with any kind of words for what this little teenager was suggesting.

She was starting to blush as I my brain continued to work into overdrive, with all those earlier thoughts came flooding back into my brain.

This little teenager just offered to show me her underwear. That didn’t mean anything other than potentially a little peak. Or maybe she’d pull her tiny ass shorts down and give me a good view.

Probably more of the little peak part though.

My brain was still racing, but I decided to see exactly what she meant.

“So, this Jessie, just dared you to do this?”

She nodded as she put her hands behind her back.

“And, how would she know if you did or did not do this?”

“We’d have to take a selfie in our heart underwear,” she said, flashing a wicked grin. Something that kind of looked insanely hot with her nerdy glasses and her petite figure.

My cock began to expand as I thought about seeing this underaged girl in her underwear.

“So, can you help me?”

I just nodded and she took her phone out of her too small pockets and tossed it to me and began to undo her button and began to pull her shorts off.

I stood there as my imagination went wild. Here was an underage girl taking off her shorts and revealing that there were hearts on her panties.

She pulled her shorts off and tossed them to me.

This petite nerdy girl stood in front of me, proudly showing off her heart panties.

My cock was straining against my pants at this point.

She began to giggle as she noticed the tent in my pants.

“So, am I gonna be the only one in my underwear?”

I quickly snapped back to reality and started to undo my pants. With the rather large tent in my pants, it was rather hard to pull the pants down over the tent.

She smiled as she kept staring at my tent, my rock hard cock slipping out of my boxers for a second.

Her eyes got wide as I quickly shoved my cock back into my boxers.

“Well, that’s bigger than my last boyfriend’s”

I felt my ego get a huge boost from that.

“So miss, now do we take the selfie?” I asked.

“First off, my name’s Alice and yup!” She said bouncing to me.

As she got her phone and got close to me, her hand brushed up against my raging hard-on. She held the phone up with one hand and the other was brushing up against my cock.

As we took the selfie, her hand reached down and began to rub the bulge in my boxers. She began to snap more selfies as she continued to rub my hard-on.

I moaned a little bit “Listen, this was fun, but –

“Shhhh,” Alice said as she continued to rub my cock.

As I looked down at her, she began to stroke my cock over my boxers while looking at me.

“Do you want more?”

I looked at her, enjoying the feeling, “More?”

“Well, I’ve only ever licked one once, but I’ve wanted to do it again.”

I just nodded and went into autopilot mode as I started to pull my boxers down.

As soon as my cock broke free, it bounced a little and she leaned down and held onto the base of my cock and looked up at me.

I just nodded and pressed her head down towards my cock. She got the idea and began to lick the head of my cock and I just let out a moan. She continued to lick up and down my cock.

As mind-blowing as this was, I was ready for more.

“How about you get down on your knees?” I moaned out

She just smiled and nodded, getting down on her knees and continued to lick my cock.

As good as this was, I wanted to shove my cock into that small mouth. I decided to be more assertive and I pulled her face closer to my cock. There was a moment of hesitation, but then she opened her mouth and took my cock into her mouth. I closed my eyes as she began to bob her head up and down the shaft. I moaned as she continued to suck and heard her begin to moan around my cock.

I opened my eyes and looked down at this wonderful sight of this nerdy girl was sucking my cock and with her other hand, she was massaging her pussy over her panties.

I closed my eyes again with a smile as I continued to feel her head bobbing up and down with her moaning around my cock.

“Fuck! Damn this is amazing.” I whispered to her as I felt the familiar feeling of an orgasm building.

She moaned as she continued to suck me off.

As it started getting closer I opened my eyes and looked down at her. She was rubbing her pussy faster and harder. I started to pump my cock into her mouth faster and harder as I got closer to summing.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” I said

She starting moaning around my cock as I saw her body lock up and her panties showed off a dark patch.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth just before I started to cum. I started stroking my cock over her face and it wasn’t long before I started cumming. I let out a long moan as cum hit her cheeks, glasses, and neck.

She kind of cringed as the cum hit her face, but she giggled as I stopped cumming.

“Wow,” she said as she caught her breath.

I leaned back and sat back on the desk as my cock deflated completely out of breath and blown away with what just happened.

She wiped off her face and reached for my boxers to clean the cum off of her glasses. She went for her shorts and turned back to me.

“That was fun. But I was hoping you wouldn’t cum so soon.”

My brain was starting to come back to reality with those words.

“Wait, what?”

“What?” Alice said. “I was hoping you could fuck me.”

My cock began to twinge at the prospect of fucking this teenager.

Then the thought popped back in my head.

“Want to come back to my apartment? I think we could have a lot of fun back there after I close down the theater.”

She flashed an evil grin, “Let me go tell my friends to drop me off there and you can just take me back to their place after our fun.”

I gave her my address and we exchanged numbers as she left the office.

I rushed home after closing up the theater, my cock already getting super hard thinking about fucking this teenager.

She texted me with the picture of us in our underwear with the text “You home?”

I responded with a winkie face emoji and before long I heard a knock at the door.

I opened the door expecting just to see Alice.

What I saw was Alice, with her two slutty friends smiling at me.

“Hey, I thought my friends could join us,” Alice said with an evil grin.

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